End of the Summer: Parent Check-In

As summer comes to a close, school hangs in the balance across the globe due to a global pandemic. Will they start on time or delay? Will they meet online or in-person? Uncertainty is the uncomfortable guest that never seems to leave. So how are our children feeling? Thinking?
1.  Print the Summer Check-In Sheets.

2.  Let your kids know the family will have a brief meeting to talk about the new school year.

3.  Prepare any other items or information your kids need (school supplies suggestions, possible start dates, needs for homework areas, etc.).

4.  Decide on a verse that will inspire your kids with courage (Psalm 37:23 is a good example.).

5.  Grab some pencils or pens.

6.  During family time, ask them to look over the sheets and write down their answers.

7.  Go around and have each family member share their answer. Parents, too! Kids may be surprised at your answers!