For years, churches throughout our convention, and others, have been a source of encouragement and blessing to individuals feeling God’s call into vocational ministry, by providing opportunities through staff internships.

The purpose of this program is quite simple—to provide individuals desiring intensive training in serving God’s people the opportunity to explore and experience church ministry through a specially designed internship program. Staff interns are exposed to a variety of experiences associated with ministry. They are educated in the foundations of spiritual leadership and logistical administration. Additionally, interns are evaluated at periodic times to ensure calling and spiritual gifts for ministry.The end result is to create a well-rounded experience exposing the joys, triumphs, challenges, and opportunities of service in full-time ministry.  

A well-structured internship program comes with specific expectations. An intern will be expected to work 10-15 hours per week, including weekend services, attend weekly staff meetings, attend a weekly meeting with the Pastor or staff supervisor, attend all church services, and assist with general office administration.  For a complete internship description, including qualifications, expectations, etc., please click HERE.

For more information, please email the church office.