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“Next Step with Pastor Kelly” is a class for perspective and new members of Temple. This class is designed to introduce you to our church family. Making a spiritual decision, or deciding what church to join is an extremely important. We want you to feel comfortable and informed as you make these important decision. This class gives Pastor Kelly an opportunity to cover some of the basics of how we do ministry at Temple. Here are a few
highlights of some of the details of the class:
What will be covered in the class?
  • Our vision and mission to make disciples of Jesus who think, act, and live like Him
  • Our core beliefs
  • Understanding how to join our church
  • Learn what makes Temple tick (why we do what we do)
  • What do we want to accomplish in this class?
  • Informing you about Temple
  • An opportunity for you to get to know the Pastor
  • Feeling a part of Temple
  • Answering any questions you have about our church
  • How is the class organized?
  • Small group setting
  • No one will be called on, but if you have a question or comment, there will be an opportunity for you to get your questions answered

What will we be doing?
  • Getting to know each other
  • Learning how to grow as a Christian
  • Learning how to plug into our church
  • Answering any of your questions
  • Have an exciting time
We will have childcare for children of all ages.