Vision Statement
Knowing that all gifts and talents are given freely by God to be used for His glory, we seek to provide a Christ-centered environment where youth of the Eastover area (and beyond) will receive a quality arts education provided by experienced instructors, and where performance opportunities will be made available for all students.

Primary Goals:

·        To offer private and/or group lessons in vocal and/or piano performance with hopes of adding other instruments as enrollment grows and instructors are added to the staff.

·        To provide a Kindermusik program that will encourage children, from birth to 7 years of age, to explore sound, rhythm, vocalization, expression, and group play in a family-friendly environment, instilling a life-long love and appreciation for music.

·        To provide students with an outlet for performance in their chosen area, with an emphasis on using God-given talents to serve others and glorify God.

·        To provide Christian arts educators with an environment conducive to teaching, where they can not only pass along knowledge of music and art, but can teach values, and be an additional moral compass for children and youth in a field continually loosing ground in the Christian community.

·        To proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ by equipping our young people with the tools necessary to become our future church musicians and worship leaders.

For more information please contact Tempo Director, Dawn Seegars.